Position: NEW TALENT

New Talent

Pricing: $45 per hour

As a recent graduate of The Aveda institute of New Mexico, Sylvia has worked diligently throughout the pandemic to pursue her passion in the beauty industry. Starting and finishing school during this time allowed Sylvia to learn to adapt to new situations and overcome hardships, no matter how difficult they seemed at times. Sylvia is excited to be a part of the New Talent at Lavish, where she has already shown dedication and friendliness for the past year, and now gets to show her talent and creativity behind the chair!

Sylvia has a special passion for color services and makeup! She consistently works toward her passion with continued hair and makeup education as she believes you can always learn and grow when it comes to this evolving Industry.  She enjoys time spent with her clients, watching her work come to life and helping people feel bold, confident and SASSY!!! *shimmy shake*

Away from the salon, Sylvia loves spending quality time with her fiancé and twin toddlers, being creative outside of work by embracing art with drawing and painting, and also watching horror movies! She enjoys a large array of music, and can jam out to anything ranging from Rap, R&B, Country and Gospel. Sylvia welcomes all clients and is excited to see not just the hair and makeup transformations, but also the transformation in confidence within her guests!