Creative Level 2

Pricing: $75 per hour

In nearly 9 Years behind the chair Blue has a lot to be proud of. She has mentored hairstylists in cutting, participated in Austin Fashion Week, and had her work featured in Austin Women’s magazine. During all this, she consistently serviced her guests in the salon, working to give each person a unique look and customized experience.

Blue really enjoys those guests who want to be able to express themselves through their hair. She is very comfortable giving people looks which are a little off the beaten path and is definitely up for the challenge of doing something outside of the norm.

In her free time Blue enjoys being in the great outdoors. The smell of the mountains and call to adventure gives her a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  She likes to set up shop with her two dogs in the woods, lay back, and live that Hammock Life! Blue is a gentle soul who wants to give back to her community in a variety of ways.