We understand the importance of a perfect stylist/guest match. That’s why we offer our exclusive Meet Your Stylist survey.

More than just questions about your hair, our survey will match you to the stylists who best fit your personality and style and provide you with an exceptional salon experience.

In many salon settings, stylists can see 2 to 4 guests at one time, but not at Lavish. Our Creatives look forward to working with you one on one. This ensures each guest has the full attention of their selected Creative for the duration of the appointment.

At Lavish Hair Lounge, we pride ourselves in creating easy-to-understand & transparent pricing.

    • Our salon is GRATUITY FREE. We promise! No more calculating a tip into your budget, wondering if you’ve left a good amount, or remembering cash or trying to Venmo from your car.
    • Our salon does not charge credit card fees, covid fees, or any other miscellaneous fees regularly tacked on at the end.
    • Our salon does not charge for additional products, treatments, and services to achieve the desired look. We will consider everything necessary to achieve your desired look during your consultation & suggest an appropriate time.
    • Your appointment total is (time booked) x (hourly rate) + (NM State Tax) = Total.
    • Our salon practices Eco-Friendly processes & recycling programs without additional fees.

The time you reserve for your appointment has been saved just for you and, therefore, is equivalent to the amount of time you will be charged. Example: If you book a 5-hour service without consultation, you are responsible for the 5 hours even if your service only took your Creative 3 hours. If you reserve a 3-hour service without consultation & your hair goals require more time, an alternative suggestion will be made. If you’re not satisfied with the alternative & opt not to get your hair done, you are still responsible for the time reserved. To avoid reservation errors, please book complimentary color consultation via our website.

Before reserving your appointment, the most important thing to know is how much time is needed to reach your goals. If you are new to Lavish, don’t know how long your hair takes, or looking for a significant change, please schedule a complimentary consultation online before reserving your service. Every guest and/or service requires a different amount of time. Someone with thin, virgin hair may require less time for a service than someone with thick, previously colored hair. Occasionally we can accommodate virtual consultations but oftentimes request you come in for a more accurate in-person consultation.

To learn more about our no-call no-show, late arrival, or cancellation policies please click here.