Eco Practices

At Lavish Hair Lounge, we envision a salon where the hair industry is cleaner, safer, and forward-thinking. We have worked hard over the years to be a space that helps our planet heal and create a better tomorrow.

In our efforts we have:

            • Switched to Local Ground Coffee with Biodegradable Filters and/or Reusable K Cups to minimize plastic waste.
            • Removing plastic containers for items like creamers or stir sticks, and sticking to biodegradable products.
            • We use paper bags for all retail purchases.
            • We send paperless receipts via email. 
            • Our salon’s plant choices were specifically to support air purifying.
            • Our air ventilation system sucks up chemicals mixed at the color bar, dispersing them out of the building to keep minimal chemicals in our confined space. 
            • Whatever is not included with Green Circle Salon, is recycled by our salon in the local recycling drop-off.  
            • We use Bleach & Industry specific disinfectants to meet State requirements & green eco-friendly cleaners in other cleaning tasks.
            • Refillable Shampoos & Conditioners:
              • Bring in your empty Shampoo & Conditioner containers and we will refill them for you at a 15% discount!

We have also partnered with other businesses in the industry that share our vision for sustainability.


Globally, salons create around 877 lbs of waste every single minute. Crazy right? We thought so too. Green Circle specifically works with salons to recycle usual salon supplies, color, and other waste, reducing our waste by 95%. Items that would have been garbage are safely packaged and shipped to a Green Circle center to be converted into other green products.


                • Unused hair color is either;
                    • turned into clean energy
                    • or broken down into water and oil: water is filtered and returned to water systems and oil is used for fuel.
                • Hair clippings from haircut services are;
                    • composted with other organic materials.
                    • turned into Bio-Compostable Plastic
                    • used in research to develop environmental technology. An example being oil-absorbing sponges used in ocean oil spills.
                    • made into products used in humanitarian efforts.
                • Metals like foils are broken down and then used to make parts for cars or bicycles. 
                • Single-use items such as product containers, color wipes, or saran wrap are used in a waste-to-energy process which creates renewable energy, and the leftover ash from that process is used in asphalt to pave roads.


Vish scales allow us to track formulas and color usage on every guest. Not only does this allow us to maintain a consistent record of color for our guests, but it eliminates waste, too. Less waste means:


              • Fewer emissions from deliveries from having to order too much color
              • Less color ends up in sinks or trash cans, eventually making its way into oceans or landfills.